In this lesson you’ll learn the personal pronouns in French. They are a bit trickier than in English because the French language always distinguishes between singular and plural for you. To say I in French you say Je. To say that sound put your teeth together and force the air out through your teeth. To say You say Tu. This is for friends, people your own age or younger. If you meet somebody older than you you should never use the word Tu with them. To say He say Il. To say Her say Elle. To say one say On. Note that On is often used for We. To say We say Nous. Note it’s pronounced like “New” in English. To say You for somebody older than you or a stranger say Vous. Vous is also you plural. So, if you’re talking to a group of people say Vous. To say they for a group of men say Ils. Note the S is silent. To say they for a group of women say Elles. Again, note the S is silent.

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