Welcome to my website for learning French! Here at Beginners French Lessons you’ll find a series of YouTube videos and lessons for studying the French language online. Speaking French has been one of my biggest passions in life ever since childhood and it’s my pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with this beautiful language with you here. First of all, why would you want to learn French anyways? Of all the langauges in the world French is one of the nicest sounding. The sounds are very pleasing to the ear and this makes the language much easier to learn. French is also great for traveling and doing business abroad. In addition to being spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec, Canada it’s widely spoken throughout much of the world. Regions where where French is widely spoken including Northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), Sub-Saharan Africa (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, The Congo etc) and the South Pacific Islands of French Polynesia.

If you’re new to learning French,at Beginners French Lessons you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not as difficult as you might imagine. Given that French is a Latin-based language you’ll find that many of the words are extremely similar to English. Indeed, with such words ending in “tion” and “ent” you’ll find that all you really need to change is your pronunciation. This makes French much easier to learn than other languages which share less in common with English.

Another advantage to learning French to keep in mind is that the language is highly related to the other Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian, the other Latin-based languages. You’ll find that the vocabulary, verbs and grammar in French are highly related to these languages. Thus, if you have already had some exposure to the other Latin languages you’ll have a much easier time learning French. Furthermore, if you master Beginners French Lessons you’ll also learn these other languages much faster.

While many aspects to learning French are easy there are also some difficult parts which might challenge beginning . For instance, like other Latin-European languages French uses masculine and feminine forms for describing nouns. In the beginning this is tricky for most English speakers as this does not exist in English.

Another area of difficulty for beginning French language students is the tricky pronunciation. While French and English share the same alphabet many of the letters are pronounced completely differently. One of the biggest challenges for English speakers is the French “R” sound which consists of the tongue vibrating in the back of the throat. Another area in pronunciation where English speakers might feel challenged is the pointed “u” sound such as in the word “tu” which is the informal “you” in French.

Whether you’re learning French for fun, travel or business you’ll find that it is one of the most rewarding languages to learn. Indeed, learning the French language will be your stepping stone into the wonderful word of French culture and history. I hope that you find these Beginners¬†French lessons useful and wish you all the best and good luck!

Additional Resources for Learning French

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On our site you will only learn the very basic fundamentals of French vocabulary and grammar. If you would like to further your learning then there are many resources available online. The above Free course are one of the the resources you must check out.

There are many more resources for learning French. One website that I really like is called FrenchAssistant.Com. The reason I like this site is that they spoonfed students all sorts of French grammar phrases and essential knowledge. Furthermore, the site has a database of over 150,000 sound samples. Another website worth taking a look at is French.About.Com. This site gives an extremely broad listing of beginners French lessons. On this site you can browse by topic including audio lab, French grammar, French dictionaries, French vocabulary and French phrases. Furthermore, the site also offers many useful French video tutorials.

Beginners French Lessons

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